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A Challenging Environment

Zamani College offers a challenging but safe environment in which young people can grow up with space and opportunity around them; they are encouraged to succeed academically and also to contribute their quota to the society around them.

Committed to a supportive, co-educational system and expert teaching, we provide a framework for every individual to develop self-confidence, explore their abilities and fulfil their potential in preparation for the next stage of their academic career.

To help do this we have invested in modern, comfortable facilities, made major commitment to ICT provision, provided attractive, well-stocked libraries, a range of sports facilities and extra-curricular activities designed to tap every child’s interest and talents. The school development programme is on-going and geared to meet the demands of tomorrow’s world.

Our belief in the education of body, mind and spirit, the encouragement of self-reliance and respect for sound moral values underpin the foundation we wish to provide for our students for their later life.

Stretching Minds

Growing minds need inspiration, guidance and encouragement. An enthusiastic and professional teaching staff, modern technology, outstanding library and laboratory facilities, a commitment to excellence in depth and breadth combine, not just to impart knowledge, but to develop independent study and critical thinking in all our students.

Zamani College students participate regularly in state, regional and national competitions in all areas of endeavour – academic, sports, citizenship, personal development, etc.

Since 2007 senior students have been regular members of teams representing Nigeria in international competitions. In 2013 our students were members of Team Nigeria in the International Young Physicists Tournament in Taiwan, the International Geography Olympiad (Igeo) in Japan, the World Robotics Olympiad in Indonesia and the Quanta International Science Competition in India.

An Enriched Curriculum

Zamani’s academic standards are high, with specialist teachers and impressive facilities, resulting in consistently good results in national and international public examinations.

An enriched curriculum covers the required national curriculum and extends well beyond, broadening the intellectual horizons of our students and preparing them for the next stage in their academic life.

Weekly presentations by teachers, students or invited speakers keep students up-to-date on current events and new scientific developments and also help to hone students’ public speaking skills.

Regular participation in seminars, workshops, competitions, conferences and external training courses complements the academic programme and exposes our students to ideas beyond immediate academic goals and the school environment.