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Entrance Examinations

The admission examination for entry into JS1 takes place usually on the third Saturday in May each year, after which approximately 110 candidates are offered admission.  A late entry examination may also be scheduled for the end of July.

The entrance examination for SS1 is scheduled at the end of July with usually 10-12 spaces available for students wishing to apply for transfer.

Admission examinations are for JS1 and SS1 entry only.

Registration forms are available from the school office from 1st March each year and must be returned 10 days before the date of the entry examination. Only pre-registered candidates are permitted to take the entrance examination.

Parents are requested to note:
  • admission into JS1 is for pupils who will have completed Primary 6 and are aged 11 years on entry or during the first term of JS1;
  • SS1 candidates must be 14 years old on admission or during the first term of SS1;
  • the written examination is followed by an oral interview - both count in the final  decision on admission. 
The Exam Entry Form should be completed and attached to a photocopy of:
  • the candidate’s birth certificate (declaration of age is not acceptable)
  • the current session’s Term 2 report and
  • last session’s Term 3 report. 

The entry form and the report photocopies should be countersigned by the Head Teacher of the candidate's primary/secondary school.  All papers should then either be scanned and sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or be submitted to the reception office at the senior secondary school at 1 Waziri Maccido Road, Off Isa Kaita Road, Kaduna, ten days before the date of the exam.