Parents' Information

Guardian's Information (if parents not resident in Kaduna)

I hereby apply for the admission of Name to Zamani College for the NCUK International Foundation Year Programme.
If my child is offered a place which I accept, this will result in there being an agreement between myself and the College on the following terms:
  1. That I will:
    1. Pay the entry term's fees and all subsequent fees on or before the date specified by the College.
    2. Give the College in writing notice of intention to withdraw my child before completion of his/her course.
    3. As a parent support the academic and disciplinary policies of Zamani College.
  2. That the principal may on behalf of the College require my child to withdraw from the College if this is considered necessary and I acknowledge that I shall not be entitled to any rebate of fees.

Medical Treatment Release Form 1

Medical Treatment Release Form 2

I understand that in the event of illness or accidemt the College will make all reasonable efforts to contact me or, alternatively, to take the child to the doctor/clinic specified above. If for any reason neither course of action is possible, the College shall make all necessary arrangements for my child to recieve medical attention for which I shall be financially responsible.

Final Remark (Parent/Guardian/Student)

Dear Parent/Student,

Please assist us in knowing how you learnt about the NCUK International Foundation Year at Zamani College.

Kindly tick whichever of the following applies.

School Visit
Newspaper Advert
UK Education Fair
Friend's Recommendation
Ex-Zamani Student

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