Secondary School

This programme is for students from JS1 to SS3 where core values are instilled alongside the primary goal of providing the academic platform for students to succeed.

Traditional Values

As a secular school, Zamani aims to instil respect for traditional moral values encompassing honesty, justice, fairness, compassion, tolerance, responsibility and accountability.

All students are expected to abide by a sensible framework of rules based on courtesy, commonsense and self-discipline. In addition they are expected to work hard and to contribute positively to school life.

Special programmes in personal development and social education are regularly scheduled and cover sensitive topics such as smoking, drugs, relationships and values. Such issues are treated in a way appropriate to the student’s age and development and are designed to encourage positive and informed choices by students once they are beyond the confines of home and school.

Community Service

An important way in which the school seeks to foster a sense of social responsibility is in the 1-week service project undertaken by JS3 students in July and the 3-week project by SS2 students during the long vacation. The service activity is done in the student’s home area in an appropriate service site e.g. free clinics/hospitals run by government or NGOs orphanages, old people’s homes, homes for the mentally or physically disabled, reading support classes, etc. The project must be done on a daily basis 5 days each week and is consolidated with a daily diary report and reflection at the end of the service period.

The aim of the service project is to help our students understand and identify with those living on the margins of society and to realise that even the effort of a single individual can make a difference in the lives of the sick, the poor and the disadvantaged.

Training Workshops, Seminars, Conferences

Students regularly participate in workshops and seminars on building self-development, team work, and leadership and organisational skills. In-house competitions, inter-school debates, quizzes and competitions are always part of the school calendar and Zamani students compete in similar competitions at state and national level, with senior students regularly since 2007 representing Nigeria at international level in competitions abroad.

All of these and many other activities complement the learning process and further the development of our students.

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